Saturday, 1 March 2014

Fashion and Beauty Haul

Last week as you know I went to London with Em Tanners (her blog is go take a look!) but I didn't buy as much as I thought so I decided to wait until I went shopping on Saturday as well to show you what I bought!

In London we went into so many different shops but I only bought items from Forever 21, which I can't believe!! I first bought a 3/4-length sleeve casual top, which has a main white section, and the sleeves are a faded blue. I'm not the best at describing sorry about that! I really love the colours and it's not like any other top I have bought before. In Forever 21 I next bought a pair of gold earrings. The jewellery section in Forever 21 in London is huge there was so many earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I love these gold earrings and I already have ideas for outfits, which they would go with. They were also only £2.50 they are such good value! The final thing I bought was a pack of 8 mini clips. They are so handy to have and these were £1!

Back home on Saturday I went shopping again, this time I bought lots more! The first shop I went in was Lush. The staff in lush are so friendly and showed me a range of their bath products and what they do in the bath. I decided on the Butterball Bath Ballistic. It smells like vanilla, which is my favourite scent and the lady in lush told me that it contained lots of cocoa butter to make your skin really soft. I can't wait to try it!

The next shop was Superdrug, first I picked up some brown bobby pins for £1.39 because somehow I always seem to loose them I don't know where they go!! I then went to the sleek section of Superdrug. I love the black sleek packaging! I picked up a sleek blush in the colour Rose Gold number 926. It's such a beautiful colour and it has a gold shimmer, which looks so pretty. It also so pigmented so you only need a little bit meaning it lasts for a long time!

I next bought a top in New Look, I fell in love with this Red tartan top with a little peter pan collar it was so cute! It is from a boutique inside of New Look called Cameo Rose. It's such an adorable and versatile top because it can be dressed up or dressed down. I love tartan at the moment and there is so much tartan around! It was priced at £14.99 but I had a £10 New Look voucher from my birthday last year I can't believe I hadn't used it earlier! So I bought the top for £4.99, which was amazing!! The final item I bought was a pair of earrings from River Island. They are rose gold with rose coloured diamantes. I loved them as soon as I saw them! I really like River Island Jewellery I love the designs and the colours and they are such good value! These earrings were only £3 and I can’t wait to wear them.

I have had such a good time shopping and I love all my new purchases, my bank balance I do not love as much!!

Em ♥


  1. Great haul! Loving the colour of that blush!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  2. Thankyou I love the colour as well!