Friday, 19 September 2014

A trip to Champneys!

Hello! First of all I want to apologise for the slight gap in blog posts recently, I had to take a little break because I started working over the summer in a well known high street store and I have started college. After receiving my gcse results, I got 3 A*s, 5 As and 3Bs I was so so happy oh my god the revision actually paid off! Anyway after receiving my gcse results my parents surprised me with a spa break to Champneys to say well done for all of my hard work.

The next weekend my mum and me set to the Champneys Forest Mere resort, it took us a little time to navigate the country roads, neither of us are the best at map reading, but we soon made it! The site was so beautiful the grounds were stunning and the spa is set next to a picturesque lake. I fell in love as we drove up the drive. The resort facilities were so good there was 2 pools, a thalassotherapy pool,  Jacuzzis, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, a gym, fitness classes as well as all the facilities for beauty treatments! So really you could never get bored! I also really loved the buildings and our room was so lovely. There was even sparkling water when we got into the room, I love sparkling water!!



This place is amazing, as soon as you step through the door you feel so calm and relaxed, there is no pressure and you have all the time in the world to forget about any worries and just breath! I turned off my internet so I didn't look at twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat... it was so nice to forget about the real world and have a weekend in a bubble.

The food was so delicious oh my!! The dinner was a increadible 3 course meal I had soup for starter which was the best soup I had ever had, gnocchi for main meal which was so good and a delicious parfait for dessert. The lunch and breakfast were equally as good. The staff were so nice and friendly too, it definitely was the break even better.

I had three treatments whilst I was there a full body exfoliation, a thalassotherapy pool session and a manicure. First I had the innovative Thalassotherapy treatment which was a special pool which contained salts and mineral and had various stations with different types of jets. My favourite were the bed jets where you would lay in the pool on a bed with jets which created lots of bubbles it was bliss I could have laid there all day. I then had a full body exfoliation which made my skin feel so soft I couldn't believe it oh my. I had a lovely lady called Holly who exfoliated and moisturised my body with Champneys products which smelt so so so good I could have eaten them. I loved this treatment I felt so incredibly pampered and relaxed. The next morning I had a little manicure where the beautician filed and polished my nails, I chose a bright orange colour which was so bright and made me happy!! It lasted for a week without chipping which is pretty good for me.

Champneys was amazing I really want to go back and next time take all my friends to show how them how good it is! Me and my mum had such a lovely break it was great to get away and just relax and spend quality time together. And of course the best part was wearing a robe and flipflops all weekend and not caring what I looked like half the time! You got to keep the flipflops too yeah!

Thankyou so much for taking your time to read my blog posts, I love hearing your feedback too!

Em ♥