Thursday, 20 February 2014

London Trip

Last Monday me and my friend Emily tanners went on a trip to London for her 16th Birthday. We took the train And when we arrived in London we first went to Tiffany's and co to chose Emily's birthday present. She chose a classic bracelet with the return to Tiffany's heart. I thought it was so beautiful! 

Next we walked to Oxford street and along the way saw lots of designer shops! There was Chanel, Dior, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors,Burberry and Louis Vuitton. We could only dream of shopping in those shops! 

Once on Oxford Street we were amazed by the number of shops there were! We went into topshop, river Island, accessorize, boots but we spent the most time in forever 21 because we don't have one back home. The topshop on Oxford street was so big they gave you a map to help you find your way round!!

London was so good and I know Emily had a great birthday too. But I definitely spent too much!

Em ♥

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