Sunday, 12 October 2014

Favourite Author John Green

Heyy everyone! I thought I would write a post about my favourite author, so looking at the books I have read my clear favourite was John Green. I guess it's quite a mainstream author but his books are so good and I love the style and voice he creates in his books. I have read 3 of his books; The fault in our stars, Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. I have loved reading all 3 of these they are all so addictive!!

If you haven't heard of The Fault in our Stars then where have you been?! It has been everywhere and it has now been made into one of my favourite films ever! It follows the story of Hazel Grace a teenage cancer patient who whilst attending a support group meets the ever so charming Augustus Waters a cancer survivor. The story follows them falling in love and sharing memorable experiences. This book takes you on a emotional rollercoaster as the characters experience romance, happiness and tragedy. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone it's is as actually amazing as everyone says it is!

After reading the Fault in our stars and discovering how amazing John Green is, I searched if he had written any other books and I found a book called Looking for Alaska. This book is again an amazing read and just the other day I heard that it is going to be made into a film, oh my days I am so excited!! And what's even better is Cara Delevigne is playing Alaska I actually cannot wait!! The story follows Miles a teenager who arrives a university and through his roommate meets Alaska Young a beautiful free sprit who he instantly falls in love with. Along with his roommate   and new friends they enjoy university life together. Until one night, a terrible accident leaving Miles having to be a detective to discover the real Alaska. This story hooked me from the very beginning, romance and tragedy mixed with a little mystery makes this book an amazing must read.

The third John Green I have read is Paper Towns this is the most recent book I have read and again like the other two, I love it! Quentin and Margo have been neighbours for their whole lives when they were younger they would play together but as they grew older and started High School Margo became more popular whereas Quentin become less well known. And then one night out of the blue he gets a knock on his window, it's Margo. They go on a crazy night time adventure as Margo ticks off parts of her bucket list. At the end of the night they return home and Quentin is excited to see Margo again the next day. However, when she doesn't show up he is instantly worried. Over a period of weeks Quentin vows to make it his goal to find Margo following the cryptic clues she has left for him to follow. For me this is the John Green book which is often overlooked but certainly is so gripping and one of the best books I have ever read it deserves just as much recognition as the other two! I would definitely without doubt recommend this book in fact I have!

John Green has to be my favourite authors all his books have a sense of mystery which is gripping and have been written incredibly well! Do you have a favourite author? Do you have any recommendations for me to read? I'm not the best reader but I will still be happy to look at any books you suggest! Thankyou for taking your time to read and comment on my blog posts it means so much!
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