Monday, 27 October 2014

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Hey so this week I discovered the Avon Mega Effects mascara which could have actually changed my life! It's such a unique product because instead of the usual mascara wand it's a weird looking device which has almost the shape of an eyelid brush and a little handle (I'm really not the best at describing)!

This solves an annoying problem of mine which is when the wand of a standard mascara touches the bridge of my nose and leaves a little black mark! As well as stopping this I find this way of applying mascara so much easier and it applies the mascara much more evenly. Also I would say that if applying mascara to someone else this product would be so much easier to apply.

The actual mascara is also really great! I find it adds so much volume and length to my lashes which makes my lashes so fluttery! It doesn't smudge at all and it is so long lasting I can be wearing this for the whole day and it won't budge. It's reasonably priced, I picked mine up for £7 from the catalogue which is delivered to my house but you can also buy it online. If I had one little complaint it would be that the packaging has already got a little dirty from the mascara wand and brush but I would definitely recommend this mascara for anyone to try!

Thankyou and feel free to leave a comment have you tried this mascara what were your thoughts? Have you got a mascara you would recommend me to try? I love hearing your feedback and suggestions!
Em ♥

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